Our Story & Team

Here’s our story:

A few years ago, Ayaz Nanji, ICW’s founder, left his audience development job with Google/YouTube to travel across America, and while on the road he began helping tech startups and enterprises with their content and social media needs.

Eventually there was too much work for one person to handle and Valerie Conners, a fellow content expert who had managed editorial at companies like Discovery and Aol, joined as co-founder. In time they brought on more people like themselves — highly-experienced professionals who wanted the freedom to operate remotely — to help.

That’s how ICW Media came to be. We’ve never aspired to become a big flashy agency that takes over the world. Even as we’ve grown, we’ve remained proudly independent and focused on just one area: content and social media for tech firms.

We are a tight-knit team of seasoned specialists — writers, editors, copy editors, designers, content/audience strategists, and social media managers — who have all worked with top tech startups and enterprises (want to join us?).

We are experienced, we are professional, we are kind, and we are creative.